Featured Client – Buhais Geology Park

13 March 2020
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Buhais Geological Park Interpretive Centre is a new research and education facility on the former prehistoric seabed known as al-Madam Plain in the Emirate of Sharjah. The archaeological site is home to marine fossils from 65 million years ago as well as its extensive necropolis spanning the Stone, Bronze, Iron and Hellenistic ages.

Designed by Hopkins Architects, the building’s five interconnected pods are clad in steel panels, coloured to be sympathetic to the surrounding landscape. The array of steel ribs, gives the pods their distinctive sculptural, cantilevered forms taking inspiration from the fossilised exoskeleton of the urchin fossils that can be found in the region.  The building houses an immersive theatre, exhibition areas and a cafe, which has a terrace offering panoramic views of the dramatic Jebel Buhais ridge rising some 100 meters above.

Our ‘Owl 1’ Cordless Lamps was specified by lighting consultant Lux Populi to provide a glare-free on table illumination to work in conjunction with the night-time light show.

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