Club Lighting

22 mayo 2019

Neoz table lamps are lighting the stage for «speak easy» club décor

In amongst the plush leather armchairs, welcoming retro style cocktail bar and the grand piano, the Antique Bronze Neoz ‘Victoria’ cordless table lamps dressed with a pleated Silk shade luminate the inviting table settings that become perfect conversational clusters in the «Supper Club» of Home-delhi.

So how does Neoz cordless lighting effectively pull together a room of stunning interior décor completing that «Je ne sae que» that comes with the authentic club setting?

The right fit…

Choosing the right cordless table lamp design will enhance the authenticity of your space and connect your guests with the surroundings. Neoz Cooee, Owl, Victoria, Albert and Ritz are quality metal based lamps incorporating Brass, Copper and Bronze designed to deliver a style perfectly fitted to embrace the nostalgic décor belonging to the Jazz club scene created in the 1930’s with an industrial origin to the evolution to the Art Deco luxury and beyond.

Simply placed…

Housed within the former BBC headquarters, White City House Studio is a multifunctional private event space incorporating an opulent atmosphere with a mix of modern and classic retro décor – lighting the tables of this luxurious space again stand the Neoz «Victoria» cordless battery operated lamp with a contemporary Cotton shade creating a space where style, class and comfort prevails.

Neoz battery operated lamps are designed with purpose, functionality and tradition much like the venues and establishments that you will find them in, they are equipped with technology that includes dimming control and cordless battery power ensuring a minimum of 13 hours of light per charge.  Setting up a stylish function to remember couldn’t be easier.

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