Featured Client – Lotte World Tower

16 October 2017
Feature Client

Standing 555-metre high with 123 floors, the Lotte World Tower literally towers over the capital of South Korea. At the time of writing, it’s the tallest skyscraper in Korea and 5th in the world, boasting the world’s fastest elevator, highest swimming pool on the 85F and the highest glass-bottomed observation deck.

Opened in April this year, the tower also includes a luxury hotel, offices, residence as well as the ‘123 lounge’ perched on the top floor. Designed by Teoyang Studio, the lounge bar is a modern interpretation of the traditional Korean architectural style based on the simple straight line and geometry of the hanoks (traditional Korean houses).

According to the Yang, “the straight lines are emphasized in the windows, which represent the windows of hanok-style houses, and the windows are designed to create soft, rounded shadows,” Following on the same theme, the ‘Cooee 2c’ cordless lamps in real copper were selected for this project to complement the dark marble floors and brass wall.

The glare-free design of the Cooee lamp means diners can enjoy the view of river Han and the cityscape of Seoul with minimal visual distraction in the evening.

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