Neoz Cordless Lamp for Unique Mothers Day Gift

2 Maggio 2019

Searching for the best unique gift this Mother’s Day? … Neoz lighting takes No.1 spot for Mother’s Day gifting with style.

Much like Neoz’s unique cordless lamps, every mum has an exclusive and particular blend of qualities that makes her shine bright!  Show your appreciation this year with a touch of quality and sentimental light design.

Your mum deserves the finer things in life, after all, you have one day a year dedicated to making a lifetime of thanks, ensure it counts with a stunning Neoz luminaire that will bring a glow to her face and pride in her heart.

NEOZ independently designed battery operated table lamps are the ideal gift, practical, graceful, ornamental and perfect for your mums favourite respites, from the family dinner gatherings to her relaxing and well deserved downtime, being portable and wireless the NEOZ cordless table lamp will become one of your mums dearest possessions in the home, boat, office and just about anywhere she desires.

Mother’s day is only for 24 hours, chocolates and flowers quickly disappear, however with the Neoz table lamp you will bring light in her life for years to come!

“In the right light, at the right time, everything is extraordinary” – Aaron Rose

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