NEOZ Proudly Supports the Great Barrier Reef Foundation

31 May 2021

The Great Barrier Reef – a vastly beautiful and unique wonderland of coral reefs and a colourful ecosystem of marine life that trails along the coast of far North Queensland, making it an iconic natural wonder of Australia.

The Reef, as it is affectionately known, is an extraordinary coral reef system and is considered the largest living organism in the world, spanning a total distance of 2,300km, also making it the only living organism that is visible from the realms of space.

great-barrier-reef-lampImage credit: Gary Cranitch, Queensland Museum 

Listed as one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World, The Great Barrier Reef is a complex ecosystem made up of coral reefs and marine habitats such as seagrass, mangroves, sand, algal and sponge gardens, as well as deep oceanic regions.

Part of the Great Barrier Reef was declared a World Heritage Listed area in 1981 under international conventions, granting the unique ecosystem legal protection for its “outstanding universal value”. This recognises the Great Barrier Reef as being one of the most remarkable places on earth, with global importance for its natural worth.

One has to simply wade into the waters that make up the Great Barrier Reef and it won’t be long before being delighted underwater by the myriad of colourful marine life that decorate this part of Australia’s coast. And not only is the Reef home to some of the most unique creatures on the planet, it is also home to many threatened species such as the manta ray, green turtle and dugong.

great-barrier-reef-lampImage credit: Gary Cranitch Queensland Museum 

With an estimated 10 percent of the world’s total fish species only being found within the Reef alone, the multitude of marine species living and thriving in the Reef relies on this coral and marine ecosystem being healthy.

However, the Reef is coming under increasing pressure from a growing combination of manmade and natural threats. A changing climate and rising water temperatures, poorer water quality from sediment run-off and pollution, as well as more severe cyclones and crown-of-thorns starfish outbreaks (which has been disastrous for coral), are just some of the threats creating a perfect storm for the Reef and the marine life that depends on it.

Latest scientific assessments have found that the Great Barrier Reef has lost more than half its coral since 1995 due to these changing climate pressures. As a result, mass “bleaching” of coral has occurred and an increase in dying coral make it difficult for coral colonies to regenerate. Bleaching occurs when corals under stress drive out the algae – known as zooxanthellae – that give them colour.

great-barrier-reef-lampImage credit: Gary Cranitch, Queensland Museum

The Great Barrier Reef Foundation is dedicated to monitoring, informing and implementing projects aimed at protecting and restoring the Great Barrier Reef. The GBRF is a registered environmental organisation that raises much needed funds in order to deliver practical solutions and actions for the Reef by building its resilience in the face of major threats.

NEOZ Lighting is proud to support the Great Barrier Reef Foundation and to celebrate the vibrancy of life that is uniquely found in the Reef. NEOZ Lighting pledges to contribute $100 from every unit sold in our limited edition Reef Lamp, a lamp inspired by the shimmering beauty of the iconic Great Barrier Reef.

With only 250 units of the exclusive Reef Lamp available, this NEOZ rechargeable battery operated cordless lamp is a reflection of the lustrous coral colours found in the Great Barrier Reef combined with the sleek award-winning design of our Tall Poppy lamp. The iridescent finish and gradient like colour of each Reef Lamp is slightly different, making each Reef Lamp uniquely individual.

reef-cordless-lampThe Tall Poppy Reef Lamp

The manufacturing process known as Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) to produce the unique colour finish of the Reef Lamp is also environmentally friendly, with a dry coating method of benign metals, inert gas, a vacuum, controlled temperature and time, which results in no dangerous by-products, pigments or residues.

It is NEOZ’s hope to raise awareness of the integral work the GBRF do to protect and regenerate the Reef for future generations, and whilst we recognise saving the Reef is a huge task, we are inspired by the collective support of our NEOZ lighting community.

By purchasing the limited edition Reef Lamp, you will be enabling the Great Barrier Reef Foundation to fund projects like coral IVF to rebuild coral reefs, restoring reef islands to protect precious marine life, 3D mapping of the Reef and coral DNA sequencing to help increase knowledge of the Reef and how to protect it. Found out more about the work of the Great Barrier Reef Foundation here.

To purchase the Tall Poppy Reef, please click here.

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