Featured Client – The Chow Kit

23 January 2020
Feature Client

Inspired by local culture, and thoughtfully designed, Ormond Hotels is a new hotel brand for the contemporary traveler who appreciates simplified luxury. Their first property ‘The Chow Kit’ beautifully embodies this philosophy by paying homage to its neighbourhood, offering guests an alluring hub that reflects its location by marrying tradition with modernity, blending cosmopolitan finishes with cosy comfort.

Located just five minutes from Chow Kit’s famous wet market, the hotel is in the heart of Kuala Lumpur’s most authentic neighborhood, untouched by skyscrapers and corporate suits.

Guided by the late-night revelry that lurked in the shadows of Chow Kit’s alleys and bars in the 1970s and 1980s, the architecture and interiors of The Chow Kit were developed by Brooklyn-based design practice, Studio Tack.

Influenced by local Malaysian kopitiams, The Chow Kit’ Kitchen & Bar is an elegant all-day restaurant led by the award-winning team from Troika Sky Dining. Designed to be a democratic space for people from various walks of life, our ‘Victoria‘ cordless table lamps act as a beacon of invitation for social gatherings over a glass of wine alongside a reimagined version of Malaysian favourites.

The ‘Victoria’ cordless table lamp is available in lacquered brass, bright chrome or a customised powder coated finish, to be paired with our standard cotton, pleated silk shade or a fully bespoke design. For more information, please contact Mandy or David here.

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