The Victoria Cordless Lamp: Perfect for any Occasion

13 September 2021

Whether fine dining in Paris or at home, the Victoria is perfect for any occasion.  

Sighted in some of the world’s most prestigious hotels, restaurants and bars, this refined lamp is a welcome addition to any home. The perfect living room companion to keep your travel memories alive while easily transforming your home with timeless elegance.  

The Victoria cordless lamp

Designed in 2014, this everlasting and refined cordless lamp provides direct downlight and soft diffused sidelight, making home dining or the cocktail hour with friends memorable.  

A handmade lampshade and available in two distinctive body finishes; Lacquered Forged Brass and Aged Brass Living Finish, this lamp is built to last. Hot forged from a single ingot of raw brass, the ‘Lacquered Forged Brass’ Victoria cordless lamp is polished and lacquered for long-lasting, deep lustre. The ‘Aged Brass’ is achieved by applying a proprietary rapid ageing process for the authentic ‘living’ finish where the surface will continue to evolve as you use the lamp.  

The Victoria cordless lamp, Montage Hotel Beverly Hills

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