The World’s 50 Best Bars 2019

23 October 2019

The World’s 50 Best Bars provides an annual list that celebrates the best of the international drinks industry. Now in its 11th edition, the globally recognised award ceremony provides an annual ranking of bars as voted for by 510 drink experts from 58 countries. The list represents the ultimate international guide to the world’s top bars and drinking destinations.

Although we are no mixologist or cocktail aficionados, it is safe to say we know a little about creating the right ambiance in which to experience the exquisite craft and creations of these magnificent spaces with our cordless table illuminare. This is aptly showcased by some of this year’s winners. Interestingly of the 5 bars (with our cordless lamps) that populated this year’s list, each one featured a different Neoz lamp design, showing individuality is still very much alive in our increasingly cookie-cutter world. This also demonstrates the versatility of our extensive cordless lamp range to suit each project brief.

Crowned as the Best Bar in Asia and 8th overall in the world, Atlas in Singapore undoubtedly features one of the most impressive rooms on the list dominated by the towering three-story cellar containing over a thousand variants of gin in its collection.  Inspired by a grand hotel of the by-gone art deco glamour era of the mid-1920s, Atlas has reimagined the jazz age elegance for the 21st century. In front of head bartender Jesse Vida and his team, the guest will find our ‘Albert’ Cordless Lamps gracing the bar table on both ends of the room.

Placing 11th on the list this year and perennial high achiever, Manhattan in Regents Hotel is very much the go-to destination for barrel-aged cocktails and vintage American whiskeys in Singapore.

The inviting opulent low lit room is just the beginning to a magical evening, our ‘Owl 3 Tall’ Cordless Table Lamps seamlessly blends into this comfortable space, providing sufficient omnidirectional table illumination without harsh distracting glare.

After being named as The World’s Best Bar 2018, owner and the mastermind Ryan Chetiyawardana decided to close the much loved Dandelyan in early this year and in its place came, Lyaness.

Making an immediate impression and a new entry of 39th on the list, Lyaness puts a focus on two features, the theatre of the bar and its views across the River Thames. Complimenting the pale blues and soft greys of the classic lounge furniture, the timeless design of our customised ‘Victoria’ Cordless Table Lamps combined with the vibrant blue shade gives a distinctive and lasting impression much like Chetiyawardana’s elaborate yet simple creation.

Another new entry on the list and much closer to home in Sydney, owners of ‘Maybe Sammy’ Andrea Gualdi, Stefano Catino and Vince Lombardo have created a new cocktail destination worthy of the Best Bar in Australasia accolade as well as 43rd on the Top 50 list. Designed by local firm LD Studio, the intimate space is luxuriant, with pink rosy velvet banquettes, blonde wood, marble tiles and our ‘Cooee 1c’ Cordless Table Lamps alongside Andres’s theatrical cocktail creation such as his signature New Frontier cocktail.

Our team at NEOZ would like to congrats all the winners.
Below is the selected list of Neoz Lighting featured establishments from this year’s award.

8 – Atlas, Singapore – Victoria

11 – Manhattan, Singapore – Owl 3 Tall

39 – Lyaness, London – Victoria Brass

43 – Maybe Sammy, Sydney – Cooee 1c Brass

87 – Donavan Bar, London – Cooee 2c Brass

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