Adding the Finishing Touch

23 11月 2018

Lighting is one of the most critical elements in a design, impacting the experience through both form and function. Poor lighting choices can negatively impact an otherwise creatively designed space. The chosen lighting solution needs to be atheistically authentic to the design whilst also highlighting and masking various physical elements.

The use of NEOZ cordless lamps brings light source directly onto the table, a portable task lamp illuminating your table without the constraint of fixed lighting or unsightly electrical wires when using a wired table lamp as beautifully illustrated here by the Victoria Cordless Table Lamps as featured at Bavette’s Steakhouse & Bar in Las Vegas.

Diners nowadays are seeking a unique experience and the ambiance of your space can do more to attract them than just the food by itself.  The quality of the light stimulates the senses and it can create a soothing, relaxed and comfortable feeling.  And, appealing to your clientele on an emotional level, providing a direct correlation to customer loyalty and thus encourages repeat business.

Featured Products

缎银 (Satin Silver)
缎青铜 (Satin Bronze)
缎黄铜 (Satin Brass)
缎黑 (Satin Black)



Real Brass
Real Copper
Stainless Steel



蛋白 (Opal)